Polina Rabtseva

Polina Rabtseva – такая красивая!

Collaborative work with Polina Rabtseva… “Chasing the dream with strong belief that feelings are stronger than knowledge Never boring, always staying true to myself, making every shot with excitement while holding my breath and counting every heartbeat, capturing the sounds the taste the breath and the soul of the scene. Never the same, always ready …

I can’t wait to meet you… my Beautiful Somebody

Nobody loves me,
 Nobody cares,
 Nobody picks me peaches and pears.
 Nobody offers me candy and Cokes,
 Nobody listen and laughs at my jokes.
 Nobody helps when I get in a fight,
 Nobody does all my homework at night.
 Nobody misses me,
 Nobody cries,
 Nobody thinks I’m a wonderful guy.
 So if you ask me …